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Bethel United Methodist Church

Highway 92 and 270th Ave

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Sigourney, IA  52591


   A friendly and charming country church located 6 miles east of Sigourney on the corner of Highway 92 and 270th.  Map


   Founded on God's word, the Bible, we believe that Bethel stands as a witness to the light for the Lord in our community. Our growing congregation is warm, welcoming and casual.





Rev. Nicholas Needham  


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The church mailing address:

 27561 235th St, Sigourney, IA 52591

Administrative Bd: Bob Klett....641.635.2114

Administrative Bd: Kevin Luers 319.330.0148

Christian Ed. Committee: Pam Luers

Lay Leader: Mike Renner.........641.622.3040

SPRC: Marilyn Luers...............641.891.1997




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Bethel United Methodist Church
   Bethel History
  Established in 1844


"In the beginning God created...." Because of   Him, we are a part of His wonderful creation.

We have a special heritage - a light to share in our community and world.  


The year was 1844. Iowa was still a territory, but there were rumors of defining boundaries, writing state constitutions and bringing before the people a vote to determine statehood. While supporters of statehood were winning votes, the United Methodist Church was actively winning souls for the Lord through a program of circuit riders. The church sent these traveling evangelists throughout settled portions of the state to meet with local families and conduct sermons for local Methodist congregations. A typical circuit was usually two weeks long. The Methodists profited greatly from their "floating ministry", attracting hundreds of converts in Iowa's early years.

As more settled communities appeared, the Methodist Church assigned ministers to these stationary charges. Bethel United Methodist Church became one of the first churches in the state to benefit from one of those assigned charges. By 1844 a group of German immigrant settlers had made their homes around the Harper area. A man by the name of Peter Helwig was one of these original settlers. As the son of a minister, he took to heart the religious welfare of his fellow neighbors and started conducting services in homes which mostly consisted of crude log cabins. In a message sent to his father-in-law Illinois he expressed his concerns for lack of pastoral guidance, and as a result, the Illinois Association sent a missionary preacher, the Rev. Mann, to shepherd this German settlement.



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The Little White Church on The Highway*


    In 1934, Mrs. Paul (Maude) Snakenberg wrote a song to the tune of "The Church in the Wildwood" for Bethel's 90th Anniversary.


*The original roadway had primary two instead of highway.

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   Bethel United Methodist Church  



The Rev. Nicholas Needham is currently serving here at Bethel United Methodist Church.  Bethel UMC has been blessed with many gifted pastors over the years.  Please click on "read more" for a complete Pastoral Record listing.



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